Almost every pupil is uncomfortable with a long stay at the desk. Few people know the classmate who was sitting at his desk properly. And who would have thought that a regular school desk could trigger an epidemic of scoliosis, hypotension, or obesity. And the problem is rooted in a school where school furniture is not adjusted to the proper development of children.
Many IT professionals and service workers in the modern economy are concerned about the effects of constant sitting and the health effects of hypodynamia.
Business executives are concerned about employee health, but it is so difficult to change the habit and culture of sitting only on a chair that has been around for centuries.
Reflecting on this and looking at the situation in the country, the project team of Let Kids Move! wanted to make a social shift that would help change the culture of inactive life, so that from early school children were more active and did not prevent them from being a constant innovator.
Lessons in 3-B class begin at 8am. In addition to the three or five regular lessons, they also have corrective classes daily. The 3-B program includes rhythmics, physiotherapy, social-orientation and developmental correction. These are special subjects that help children with special needs to adapt to the educational environment, explains their teacher Olena Antsibor
It is quite obvious that hypodynamia is one of the most acute problems of our time, and it underlies many other health problems in both children and adults.
It is also quite clear that research in this area is in demand by society, they should be strongly encouraged, stimulated, and widely reported.

It is very important (and nice to see this study) not to be limited to theory, but to give specific applied advice.

We sincerely invite you to a meetup. This research is really needed in today's society.
Scientist Volodymyr Bazarny, author of the health-saving method of workflow, considers it optimal to stay in one position for no more than 25 minutes.
Now, just think about: How much time do you sit in front of your computer without leaving your seat? This usually takes hours.
The seat is provided with static work of the muscles of the neck, back, waist, which inevitably get tired during the day, even when you comfortably fit in a modern chair. In this case, the wrong posture violates the blood supply to the organs. As a consequence, fatigue, loss of interest in the case, general discomfort that distracts from employment.
Let's Give Kids a Move - a national grassroots movement in Ukraine to support transformations in primary school education to prevent scoliosis and noninfectional diseases.