Lessons must change. Kids need movement!
The first issue that pupils face in school is that the freedom of movement is limited. Children should have access to the common desks as well as access to the standing desks. This way, they can change the pose dynamically. Join the LKM program — let’s create a healthy environment for your kids together!
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About the project
Let Kids Move is a team that changes the conditions of the school studies. We help schools to replace part of the common desks with standing desks. Additionally, we conduct training for the teachers and the parents. The dynamic change of sitting and standing is the first and the most important step to saving kids health!
Positive impact on posture
By the sixth grade, 40% of students complain about the neck pain, back and lower back pain that appear due to sitting for many hours long. Dynamic posture change will solve this problem.
Visual impairment prevention
Vision is impaired in 56% of primary school students. The main reason is the wrong posture when sitting. Alternation of anatomical standing and sitting during lessons can prevent this problem.
Better motivation to study
With the dynamic posture change, kids can stretch their backs, necks, arms and legs at any time. It allows them to cheer up and get back to the learning process faster.
Stable metabolism
With exercise during lessons, the number of calories burned will always remain normal. In addition, movement improves blood circulation and keeps the cholesterol level balanced.
What can you do?

Each of us makes an impact. You can not only create healthy conditions for your children to study at home, but also help to improve these conditions at school. Children form their healthy habits now, so help them get the right start!

If you’re a parent
Arrange a "standing" place at home
If you’re a teacher
Tell the school administration about us
If you run a school
Apply for the program
If you’re an interested person
Contact us, so we can promote the project together!
Why school conditions should be changed
What do experts say
Do you want to move even while studying or working? You need a universal standing table. We’ve made a video review of such a desk— watch and learn more about the pros and cons of the IKEA table.
What do experts say
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Healthy studying equals a healthy future!
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