Invest in an important thing. Invest in kids' futures!
You can become a part of positive changes in the educational process. The LKM project is the tool for implementing such changes. We equip classrooms with anatomically suitable standing desks so that kids can alternate between movement and rest during lessons and maintain health and a desire to study. Join us and make the life of a whole generation of children better!
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Why your participation in the project important?
With the investments, we will be able to work on a bigger scale, thus implementing the program in a bigger number of schools. Thanks to you, children will move more and study better!
You get a reputational benefit
We are a socially useful project. By working with us, you invest not only in the program and children, but also in your good name.
You serve for the public benefit
You become part of the positive educational changes in your city. Thanks to you, we will be able to implement the program in other cities, too.
You communicate with the target audience
Our audience becomes yours. Brand-loyal customers are the foundation of your business's prosperity, as well as your reputational value.
You change the quality of education
Your participation can change the educational conditions for thousands of children. The path to a healthy future begins with one step.
How does it work?
Cooperation with the LKM is convenient, because we not only provide a plan for future expenses; our patrons receive a detailed report and access to the interim results of the program. You will be the first to learn about the success of the project!

We care about both our and your reputation. We choose a promotion strategy that is beneficial for all parties. We promote our program and increase the audience that learns about you as a socially responsible company. Join us and implement positive changes in education!
Join the program
We present you with options for cooperation
Upon request, we will send you a presentation describing all possible options for cooperation, or hold a personal meeting.
We prepare the necessary documentation
We will prepare for you all the necessary documents that are needed to start cooperation. We will do all the routine work.
You get regular reports
You will always know what your money was used for. We periodically prepare presentations where we describe all our expenses and achievements.
We describe our plans for the next period
Our program is a large-scale project that can and should be developed. We start from Lviv and plan to expand to all schools of the Lviv region.
How can you help?
Your help is important on any scale. Whether it's just the cost of lunch at a restaurant or the company's annual social budget, thanks to you, the LKM program will develop and children will study in a healthier learning environment.

Each patron of the LKM program has access to our expenses and project development data.
Become a patron
Distribution of information
Even a small amount of money is enough to organize an educational event for parents or teachers. Thanks to you, more people will learn about the benefits of standing desks.
Desks’ replacement
We can replace a few traditional desks with standing ones in a small class. Kids will be able to dynamically change posture during the lessons.
Program for the class
Your contribution may be enough to fully implement the program in one class and provide training for teachers and parents in that class.
Full scale
You can also fund the implementation of the program in two classes and conduct a medical examination in the control class to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.
Our partners

More and more companies invest in the next generation every day. Join us! Leave a request, and we will tell you more about the options for cooperation.

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