Active children. Happy pupils. Healthy adults.
Alternation of sitting and standing during lessons will allow your child to focus and not consider studying as a torture. You can improve the format of lessons for your kid!
What can i do?
Why is dynamic posture change so important for children?
The child is less tired of classes. No more day-dreaming! Kids can both move and study during the lessons.
Kid's posture will benefit from changing sitting and standing, as that's the best way to preserve backbone's health.
More than 56% of primary school students have vision problems due to wrong sitting posture. Standing desks help to solve the problem.
Your child will be energetic during the day and ready to sleep at night. You'll have no problems with getting your kid to sleep.
What can you do as parents?

It might look like only school administration impacts your child's learning conditions. However, you have a voting privilege as well, and you can create healthy conditions both at home and in school. Do it today!

Learn more about the project
You can find useful information in our book
Provide a master class for your child
Explain to them how to sit and stand properly during studying
Organize a studying place at home
Choose a desk with changeable height
Tell your school about LKM
We'll start the cooperation in the nearest future
Help your school get the funding for class renovation!

Learning conditions for your child can be better!

We help with replacing ordinary desks with the standing ones that fulfill all the ergonomic criteria. All you need is to share the information with school administration.

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