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The Civic Movement for a healthy education Let Kids Move!
connects active parents and entrepreneurs, who have a goal to improve and deliver a new approach to the organization of school education.

What We Stand For?

Our Goal
We strive to introduce a dynamic approach to the educational process in Ukrainian schools in order to overcome the problem of sedentary lifestyle in pupils and thus, to prevent such diseases as obesity, cardiovascular disorders, musculoskeletal problems, and others.
Our Vision
We emphasize on the importance of the educational reform to promote proactive learning with health components. We insist on the necessity of introducing teaching methods and equipment in Ukrainian schools for the possibility of studying with dynamic posture change.
Our Idea
The movement like ours can be the first step towards bringing a global change in the school environment, along with healthy eating, increasing the game component, and rethinking the school space.

What We Work On?

Combating hypodynamia
The group of school-age children has the highest prevalence of non-infectious diseases among all age groups. Many of these diseases, including obesity, become chronic. Also, an increasing number of students in the world are suffering from musculoskeletal problems and back pain.
A considerable amount of time that people in general and students in particular spend sitting correlates with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or musculoskeletal disorders.
This is becoming an international problem.
Introducing convenient desks
Schools need desks that allow a dynamic change of posture or, at least, standing desks.
Since the first grade, students spend up to10 hours per day sitting. The lack of movement they experience dramatically affects the development of the musculoskeletal system.

If we start solving this problem as soon as possible, the children will be healthier, happier, and more active in the future. By investing in the education of today, we invest in the society of tommorow.
Sharing world experience
Jolyn Ee, Sharon Parry, and other researchers claim that the ability to change posture while studying does not exacerbate musculoskeletal discomfort in children, and even vice versa — relieves discomfort in some parts of the body.

A study conducted by Benden et al. points out that desks that allow for dynamic posture change contribute to increased energy expenditure, which can help to combat obesity among the highest-risk categories of kids, as well as improve children's behavior.
Making the education system flexible
Educational reform is a fundamental process that will continue until 2030. Most reforms take very long to happen. Involving the public and experts in any transformation helps to achieve better results.

Let Kids Move! is an important initiative to drive movement throughout the education system.
Join now!

Education is the most powerful tool to change the world!
The Civic Movement Let Kids Move! invites schools to join a proactive learning campaign.
We will provide advisory and expert support in implementing a system of dynamic posture change during training.
We encourage teachers to become involved in changes in the education system

We will consult teachers on how to make the most out of the dynamic posture change system.
We emphasize the importance of regulatory change in schools and the MES for children's health
We look for ways to change current legal and policy mechanisms and find a place in educational reform to meet our requirements.
Dear parents, join our campaigns and implement dynamic home and school education
Without understanding the problem, parents we will not be able to make changes. Join us!
Our Contacts
We are always open to yours ideas and suggestions!
Maxim Savonin
Lviv - Kyiv - Kharkiv